About Dputra

PT. Daya Puta Teknindo (Dputra) has been incorporated since 2005 in Indonesia, with the objective to develop a national capability of Plant services in various energy and petrochemical. Dputra's manpower has grown progressively with the expansion of business activity since its establishment.

The company's greatest assets is evidently our well trained, experienced and committed technical and management team members, which is comprise of qualified managers, engineers and specialists in their respective fields.

Dputra was founded to assist or support Project Owners / Investors, Contractors and Plant Operators with activities ranging from technical consulting, training, equipment and bulk materials supply, as well as operation and maintenance services particularly in Mineral Processing, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas and Power Generation.

Object of the Company

By involving in Plant services process, it is Dputra concept to optimize the use of national products (local contents) inside project; consequently, this contributes significantly not only to the domestic service value, but also to the national improvement process in human resource.

To process the Endeavour, Dputra realizes the human resource play an important role in developing such capability; therefore, it is DPT’s highest priority to develop human resource as way to achieve goals.

Finally, as an Indonesian company Dputra is obliged to support the Indonesia Government policies to increase the domestic capabilities in Operation & Maintenance services. These policies, consequently, improve not only the competitiveness of Indonesian products and services in global market, but also the domestic debt to services ratio. Through the concept is difficult to implement, Dputra Has a commitment to realize the concept.

Our Vision

To become a global Plant Services in energy field, Oil & Gas, Power Plant, and Petrochemical.

Our Mission

• To provide competitive Plant Services
• To implement good corporate government
• To improve stakeholders’ values continuously

Our Values

Professionalism, Integrity and Creativity