Consulting & Training Services

1. Project Conception and Feasibility Study

For every potential customer who may be interested in new business, we are there to assist them with required project conception and comprehensive study.

On behalf of the client, we conduct the feasibility study with emphasis on:
- Site survey and data collection
- Market, technology and infrastructure analysis
- Project definition and scope
- Project financing
- Project cost estimate
- Construction / operating cost analysis
- Financial analysis

2. Training Services

Our hands-on experience enables us to design courses and provide vocational training that improve plant operator's competency. Our specialist trainers have extended experience and capable of providing the following training:
- Project Management
- Maintenance Management and Engineering
- Plant Operation and Process Control

3. Plant Audit and Assessment

A comprehensive study to investigate and analyse the plant is conducted upon client's request.

We apply value engineering aiming at maximizing the cost effectiveness of facilities, and HSE (Health Safety and Environment) engineering, aiming at building a safe and environmentally friendly plant.

We provide the best solutions and measures to maximize profits with minimal investment and improve plant productivity under the most favourable conditions.

Our consultation services is backed by our extensive operation and maintenance support experience and can lead to improvements in various areas of plant operation, such as:

- Improving Plant Performance
- Energy Saving
- Resolving Bottlenecking Issues