Plant Operation & Maintenance Services

Plant owners are required to make continuous efforts to enhance plant availability and reliability by improving and optimizing plant operation and maintenance, As their business partner, we will assist plant owners to achieve competitive advantage in the market.

We provide overall plant operation supports depending on the client's needs.

The following Operation and Maintenance activities are required either by developing their own O&M department or through outsourcing.

1. Plant Operation Services

Our key expertise is the provision of comprehensive plant operation services in the area of petrochemicals, chemicals, power plant, oil and gas facilities. The scope of our services includes but not limited to the following:
- Updating of Maintenance and Operating Procedures
- Recruitment of Plant Operators
- Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Services
- Plant Start-Up / Shut Down Services
- Operation Services
- Turn Around Management Services

2. Plant Maintenance Services

We have collaboration with world class technical services companies and local shop maintenance, and alltogether perform on-site maintenance, troubleshooting, repair or overhaul of which comply to generally accepted and recognized standards for High Pressure Static Equipments, Reformers, Tanks, rotating Equipments and Pipelines.

Our experienced and well trained engineers are capable of supplying high quality maintenance engineering services as follows:
- Maintenance Audit, Assessment and Improvement
- Reliability Centered Maintenance Program
- Conditioning based Monitoring
- Computerized Maintenance Management System